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Since 2005, Elite Insurance Group has been specializing in the Senior market. As a company, we strive to uphold professional values such as honesty, integrity, and trust. By following these simple guidelines, we have become just what our name states, Elite.

At Elite, every insurance agent contracted with us is given aid and unlimited support to enhance the ability to succeed in our thriving industry. We invite you to scroll down to read more about how we help our agents succeed.

We provide you with high-level CRM tools

Elite , andAt Elite Insurance, we know that efficiency is only achieved with the right tools. We understand the value that comes with a satisfied customer.  This is why we provide all of our insurance agents with the technology and resources they need to target relevant customers in Georgia, Alabama and Virgina, and make it easy to provide a personalized experience.

The Elite agent CRM system enables our agents to retrieve and record all the essential personal information regarding individuals and their service records. This valuable, organized information makes it easier to turn leads into customers.

Our CRM solutions enable our agents to retain clients by making it easy to  cater to existing customers and leads.  They arm every insurance agent with the information needed to quickly build customer trust and loyalty by personalizing every customers’ experience.

Elite Insurance Group
Elite Insurance Group


The insurance market is constantly evolving, and to be competitive, you must have the right tools to keep up. CSG provides our agents with the necessary data to analyze these changes in the market through comparison, selection, and enrollment of clients in an insurance plan that best suits their needs.

CSG supports every client’s unique requirements by providing our agents with custom data feeds, real-time insurance market analysis, and online enrollment ability. This valuable information gives every E.I.G agent a competitive advantage in this growing market.


We provide all our agents with access to the Sunfire Medicare Plan Finder and enrollment platform. This tool can quote Medicare plan types, including MAPD, MA, Medicare supplements, and PDP. Sunfire makes it easy to work more efficiently and productively.

When someone enrolls through any of these platforms, the responsible agent is automatically credited for it.


Elite Insurance Group
Elite Insurance group | Become an Elite Agent

Join the Elite Family

At Elite Insurance Group, we stand fully committed to making our agents successful. We offer the best products and back them up with marketing, lead generation, sales support, and in-the-field training. Simply put – our commitment to our agents and their clients is unrivaled!

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, join our team of professionals and become part of the Elite family.